The wool body is used to make the varsity jacket, and leather or leather sleeves are used for lining or trim. We used unique design elements that distinguish it as a varsity jacket, which has been updated in the modern world. We emphasize the quality and materials used in making the jacket so you feel good. We follow the classic varsity design and contrasting sleeves, which is very attractive.
Our varsity jackets are available in all colour choices for the jacket; you can choose the option to customize the colour of some aspects of the jacket, such as the body, sleeves, or trim. We offer customization options, including initials, patches, or custom embroidery, design, contrasting colours, and sizes, allowing it to meet your requirements.
We provide the jacket’s features, such as pockets for storage or a zippered closure for ease of wear. These storage options allow you to keep your essentials, like you, in these storage options.

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