We made the Satin Varsity Jacket using soft wool and premium satin fabric. The satin fabric makes the jacket comfortable, durable, and smooth. Children wear the jackets to be comfortable all day and feel good because the material is used very well. The jacket’s quality is unique and maintains its shape and quality over time.
We designed the Satin Varsity Jacket with contrasting sleeves, ribbed cuffs, and a collar. The jacket is also breathable and lightweight so that the child can play all day without any problems or irritation.
We provide features such as front snap closures or zippers, pockets for storing small items in which children can store their small products in these pockets, and wool on the inner side for added warmth and comfort so you can feel good and luxurious. Care and maintenance are simple and can be maintained by simple instructions. All sizes are available to ensure that they fit all ages and body types.

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