We make the Varsity Jackets as a combination of wool, leather, and synthetic material. The Jacket’s material is very high, making it durable and comfortable. The Jacket’s classic design has unique features like embroidered patches, logos, and personalization options. The personalization option makes the jackets in your own requirements.
The Jacket is available in every Customization Option, with different colors, such as contrasting sleeves, collars, and cuffs. The Jacket’s quality is very high, and it can withstand regular wear and maintain its shape and appearance over time. Customization may include selecting specific colors, materials, or design elements.
You can choose from standard sizing options or refer to our size charts at designlettermanjacket.com. We offer adjustable features such as snap-button closures or elasticized cuffs for a customizable fit. With proper care and maintenance, a varsity jacket can withstand years of wear.

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